About us

Karen Lamberts

A true language aficionado, Karen will go out of her way to use every language she knows when on travels or excursions abroad. Limits are made to be pushed, aren’t they?! Karen’s The Owl focus is 100% on quality translations and the satisfaction of her customers. Moreover, she has never missed a deadline. Talk about discipline!

Thomas Slembrouck

Thomas is into sports, literature and silly factoids. But most of all he’s a keen observer of human behaviour, and he loves to use that knowledge in his communication strategies! Whether the audience is a football fanatic or an IT professional, he’ll get the message across.

Frederik Verhoeven

Frederik is our first asset. As an associate of the company, he has worked with The Owl before, but starting in the hot summer of 2018 he really joined the team. Frederik’s sharp focus is aimed at creating photos and videos, but he is also great at social media management and other creative work.

Laura Geudens

Meet Laura, our talented new employee since 2019. She is a small-town girl who has a mature and level-headed view of the world. With a degree in Journalism and PR, she loves to research stories and translate them into compelling content. She keeps one eye on our clients’ social media channels and the other on the latest fashion trends.

Kevin Vlyminckx

At the end of 2020, Kevin joined our team. With his graphic skills and more than 10 years of experience, he perfectly complements our nest. The Adobe software has no secrets for Kevin, and when he is not sitting behind his laptop, you can find him on his race bike or at the Bosuil stadium!