Every language has its distinct quirks and traits. A great punchline in English can be totally off point in Dutch.A creative transcreation is fundamental if you want your advertisement, presentation or text to evoke the same emotions when crossing the border.The Owl will gladly help you to make your message sound just as good (or even better!) in French, Dutch and English.

What do we do?

At The Owl we take on the Dutch transcreations internally. For transcreation into French or English, we collaborate with a few trusted native speakers. Each project has its own specific needs. The French spoken in Wallonia is not the same as that which you would hear on the street in Paris. And, of course, Flemish readers have different nuances than our Dutch friends up North.

These differences only make our day more interesting! That is why we choose the right people for the right project. In recent years we have completed dozens of transcreations, from literary to commercial texts. We look forward to helping you with your next project!

In figures

  • More than 50 transcreation projects executed
  • More than 40,000 words transcreated
  • Transcreation from 2 languages


Do we understand each other?

Our clients:

Video testimonials

Griet Danschutter

Cambridge Weight Plan


‘We have been working with Karen from The Owl for two years now and we are very happy to work with her. She is punctual, accurate and always sticks to agreements. If you give her a deadline, she keeps to it, which we truly appreciate.’

 Ségolène de Rouffignac – Kadolog